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Life Science is Emotional Science.

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Science is the ultimate driver of progress - especially in medicine. But science can only thrive if there is acceptance, support, and even enthusiasm for it. We are here to make this happen.
CSGK is a Knowledge Refinery - We go into the details, refining, and transforming complex knowledge into emotionally appealing creative work. We cover the whole range from classical to digital communication. From organizing events to getting leadership messages across. Our special love belongs to film.

We believe in
viable solutions.

If you want to solve complex problems, make a group of dedicated people work together. If you want to multiply their individual talent use dialogue - the best way to get results since the dawn of man. We have a broad network of talented people we can activate for any kind of task using open dialogue as a method.

We believe in viable solutions

We create clear and touching communication.

We go into the details, refining, and transforming complex knowledge into comprehensive emotional science.

We create clear and touching communication

We enable, develop,
and implement.

Without proper preparation, you can't develop something useful. The most useful development is worthless if you can't bring it to life. Therefore enabling, developing, and implementing is our framework of work. Add transparent and strict processes, a sharing culture, and digital tools and you have an agency that is as agile as it gets.

We enable, develop and implement

We are ethical,
curious, and like you.

Ethics in life science is about compassion and truth. With this in mind, there are many ways to tell compelling and emotional stories. You just have to be curious enough to find them. And you have to have clients that are excellent in what they do and demand excellence in what we do. In that case, mutual appreciation is guaranteed.

We are ethical, curious and like you

We are a community of talents.

We have a few people on the payroll. And a huge community from all walks of life we can activate. That makes sure we don't give you the team we need to feed, but the team that is perfect for the job.

We are a community of talents
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